Free Conference Calls - Its Latest Features

14 Feb

Free Conference Call is an online conferencing service providing hosted video and audio conferencing with low international call charges. Free Conference Call is a very reliable conferencing and teleconferencing technology provider for both small and large business organizations. It helps companies, government agencies, educational institutions, and individuals to meet and confer over the phone. Free instant conference Calls offers low-cost video and audio conferences through its extensive international video conferencing technology. It provides excellent video quality and makes conferencing easy and affordable for all.

Free Conference Call features include rich tool kits, which includes powerful video and audio conferencing features along with a rich text chat and screen sharing. Free Conference Call has some of the best network carriers and operators such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Quest, Alta USA, Alltel, Continental, Verizon, US Cellular and many more. It also provides free conference calls to certain local landline numbers. The free conference calls are available for inbound and outbound conference calls. Free Conference Call has the ability to combine text chat and video calls in one call.

Free Conference Call can be used in multiple member offices located around the world. Free Conference Call has several features that make conference calling convenient. One of them is the double-side presentation, where participants in a call can view slides from on the same side as the presenter. Another feature is the simultaneous translation of subtitles into various languages. Free Conference Call also allows dial-in numbers for various locations in the world and allows participants to dial in numbers from an office or outside the United States using toll free conference calling.

Free Conference Call also helps in saving time and money. It helps in saving travel time and enables the user to attend international businesses without any problem. It enables the user to record the session on audio and video and send them to the participants as e-mails. The recorded sessions can be played at a later time and a participant can replay them if he wants to. Free Conference Call is also useful in conducting seminars, training programs, trainings, conferences etc. Recordings of live conference calls can be played for future reference by the participants.

Free Conference Calls has some advanced features that make it different from other on-demand services. The on-demand service allows the user to get a limited number of minutes to talk and answers. Free Conference Calls enables the users to share screen shots of their presentations. They can also save the desktop screens of all their participants. In case of any problems regarding the connection of Free Conference Call to the Internet, a session can be restarted by the user at any point of time.

These are some of the common features of Free Conference Call. The company, which offers free on-demand conference calls should provide these web controls along with the package so that the customers can experience the best of its services. A good Free Conference Call provider should have advanced features, so that the customers can take full advantage of the web controls and other conference features. Check out this related post: to get more enlightened on the topic.

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