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14 Feb

 Conference Call is an Internet based service that permits users to make inexpensive telephone conferencing calls over the Internet. The service is open to anyone who has an Internet connection and a microphone. Free Conference Call is usually supported by a toll-free number. If you are among those people who do not want to pay any charges for using this facility, then Free Conference Call is perfect for you. Free Conference Calls provides you with a quality Internet-based phone conferencing service that is very easy to use and enables you to make inexpensive telephone conferencing calls. Moreover, if you are looking for an easy way to make inexpensive phone conference calls without paying hefty amounts for plane fares, accommodation, etc., then Free Conference Call is the ideal option for you.

Free Conference Call is an excellent alternative to long distance conferencing as it offers you free conference calls within a limited time frame. There are certain time limit options available on each free conference call, which clearly specify the number of minutes per call and the time for which they are valid. In case you do not want to waste any time during your call, Free Conference Call is the best option for you. You can avail the services of a wide range of companies offering free conference calls over the Internet. Some of the well known companies that provide free conference calls over the Internet are: Avaya, Nortel, Cisco, Microsoft, and Citrix. Each of these companies offers a different level of features and benefits to their customers.

Free Conference Call is used by companies and individuals for various purposes. Since instant conference Call is an Internet based application, it makes it easier for the participants to stay in touch with each other. For instance, if there are two or more participants, they can join the conference calls simultaneously. With Free Conference Calls, it becomes easier to convey valuable information to all the participants. For instance, if there is a sales pitch to be made to the customers, the conference calls will make it easier for the people involved to get into the details and convey the message effectively.

The main advantage of Free Conference Call is that there are no long distance or broadband charges applicable. As most of the participants are in the same location, it is easier to connect them with each other through Free Conference Calls. Many companies are providing free conference calling service over the Internet, which has many advantages like no charges at all. When you compare between a paid plans and a free conference calling service, you would realize that a paid plan offers a number of features over the free conference calling plans.

Some of the most common features of Free Conference Call include voice mail, messaging, call forwarding, toll free numbers, music support, speed dialing, and more. These features make it easy for the participants to participate in the call while enjoying the benefits offered by the company. Some of the paid plans also provide text message support and video conferencing option to the users. If the participants want to avail some special offers such as a limited time offer or some other complimentary offers, they can do so at any time of their choosing.

Free conference calling is quite useful for students from different countries. They can exchange knowledge and learn from each other easily. This would help in improving their communication skills and also learn to work in a team. Students who participate in international conference calling services get the opportunity to meet and confer with professors from other parts of the world. This helps them develop better career opportunities in the future.  You can get more enlightened on this topic by reading here:

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